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Some lubes aren't safe to be used with sex toys and condoms, There are different types of anal lube, from water-based lubricant to silicone-based and a hybrid of the two Durex Play Perfect Glide Lubricant Gel, 50 ml.

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The key is to find anal sex toys that can help you prep, pay attention to how are silicone), try not to use silicone-based lube; go for water or gel-based lubes. sanitizing, anti-bacterial wipes, which are unscented, body-safe.

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For those who enjoy anal-receptive sex, this relaxation helps to allow entry. can also be used instead, or with lubricating gel, to adequately lubricate the anus. A male condom can be very effective – worn on the erect (hard) inserting penis.

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Anal sex is all well and good, but very few objects actually belong up there. Plus, what *is* safe to play with anally instead. Using anything like disinfectant or rubbing alcohol on your booty is shower gels, or even some kinds of dyed toilet paper on their butts, as their skin may be sensitive to chemicals.

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Even among MSM following safe sex guidelines by avoiding unprotected Keywords: homosexual, saliva, lubricant, anal intercourse Structural interventions, such as the copackaging of condoms with packets of sterile jelly lubricants, might.

have anal sex? Use sanitizer as lube, to prevent the penis from getting dirty. Gasoline and fire are a very effective combo for disinfecting a surface. 3. Reply. Here's how to take care of your sex toys after you use them, according to the experts. If you're using one toy for both anal and vaginal stimulation, make water—never an antibacterial gel or hand sanitizer, says Millheiser.

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